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Co-Work Spaces in Thane

Training Rooms

Are you looking for low-priced training rooms in Thane for a day or few days to train your employees? Gloria Business Centre is perfect, affordable – hub for many startups & offices with space constraint.

Being one of the best Training Rooms in Thane, we endow fully equipped and personalized temporary or full-time room space For Short Meetings, Training Sessions, Corporate Programs with Games, Workshops etc., perfect for start-ups or established companies seeking to avoid high rental fees in key metro areas, and hotels.

Our training rooms in Thane are geared up with a projector, whiteboards, speedy Wi-Fi service, stationery and comfortable seating chairs. This place is an ideal fit for business or any other specialized training. There's sufficient space for quite a lot of trainees and trainers to travel around comfortably and intermingle with everyone else.

Also visit our site for corporate or social occassions (Birthdays, Weddings,Parties and many more)
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